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Beauty is eternal

Hally & Son is a brand that follows the imaginary journey of Mr. Hally, a craftsman who knew the secrets of the art of creating eyeglasses and had found himself in the Italian district of glasses to live his dream and master the techniques of crafting exquisite and timeless optical frames, delivering the knowledge he gained to the next generation.

Hally & Son is a brand that was born through the desire to apply the expertise gained from the many years of experience in Italian workshops since 1959 and offer a collection that is inspired from another era, with a distinctive, timeless style and a contemporary feel. Hally & Son offers quality through the use of advanced technologies and focus on detail.

Carrying mostly, unisex models, produced by high quality materials, such as buffalo horn, acetate and metal, the design of the Hally & Son collection follows classic and retro lines. Hally & Son is a sophisticated and alternative brand that expresses the timeless elegance with a distinctive contemporary cool style.

All Hally & Son’s models are available for both frames and sunglasses.