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Essilor® Anti-Fatigue™


“Unique innovation for well-rested eyes”

Essilor®  Anti-Fatigue™ lenses, thanks to their innovative planning (0,6D), create a small alternation of dioptric force in the lower part of lens and offer well-rested and comfortable sight. They can replace conventional myopic, ypermetropic or astigmatic lenses, without changing the optical habits of users, irrespectively to the user’s usage rate of glasses.

*For the recognition of authenticity of the lenses, Essilor®  Anti-Fatigue™ bare engraved marks, depending on the indicator of diffraction (p=1,67 and p=1,50: without marks).

  • Those who experience symptoms of optical fatigue and make often use of their short sight (reading, writing, computer, etc)
  • Individuals between the age of 20-45 years, no matter what their correction is, (even emmetropics)
  • Ametropic adults, even if he is young or approaches the age of presbyopia
  • Those who wish to replace their conventional glasses, with lenses that really correspond to the contemporary way of life
  • Anti-Fatigue™ lenses are not recommended to individuals aging under 16 years and over 45 years

  • Excellent optical correction
  • Comfortable vision, in combination with anti-stress qualities
  • Less effort of adaptation in comparison with conventional lenses
  • Can  be applied ideally in  all types of frames. (Minimal height of application 15 mm)
  • Clinical studies showed that 7 out of 10, declared their preference in  Anti-Fatigue™ lenses , in contrast to the best monofocal lenses (Stylis lenses of specific recipe) for the comfort that they offer, the quality of sight and their unique anti-stress attributes

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