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Vivienne Westwood_LOGO

"I can't think without my glasses"

Born and risen up in London streets during the 70’s, Vivienne Westwood is closely attached to the brit punk music scene. Being a trend setter, the established in the fashion world, british fashion house is the “per se” notion of anticonformistic style. The one and only Vivienne Westwood legendarily mocks the status quo until today.

The new series of Vivienne Westwood sunglasses adopts the unconventional attitude of the designer and stands out with its unique prespective, its intense theatricality and its Rock & Roll character. Black, brown, bordaeux, white and grey colors are being combined with the emblematic brit tartan, marble effects, baroque elements and reliefed details. Perforated metal is used as a detail or in the whole of the body frame which impresses in black, gold or bronze colors. All frames are characterized by the timeless Vivienne Westwood design in either classic square lines or more notable curny ones with the priceless usage of the its renowned logo.